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You Are Here: Cool Games What is Pokeno? Taking a look at this largely unheard of game

Have you heard of Pokeno? No, not Poker - Pokeno! I had not heard of this game until a while ago myself. It is strange how some games gain a lot of popularity, and become known worldwide, while others have a smaller, more modest, following. But Pokeno is a really fun game, so today we will have a look at this largely unheard of game.

Pokeno gets its name from a combination of two game: Poker and Keno - a lottery like Chinese game. However, it is best described as a derivate of bingo as it functions mostly like a game of bingo. So, chances are that if you love a good game of bingo, Pokeno will be a game that you will enjoy. Instead of getting a bingo board, you get a board of dealt cards in a 5 x 5 formation, for a total of 25 cards per round. The dealer then draws cards from another deck and calls them out. If the player has a matching card on their board, they put a chip or token on top of it - just as you would cross off the matching numbers in a bingo game. So, Pokeno is kind of like bingo with a twist!

Pokeno is probably not very well heard of because it is a game that has been developed and manufactured by The United States Playing Card Company; the company responsible for manufacturing the highly recognizable Bicycle Playing Cards. The Pokeno game comes in a set, with twelve boards, cards as well as poker chips. Due to the fact that this is a specific game that is sold, and not a game that can be played everywhere - such as poker or bridge, many people may not have heard about Pokeno or seen in while shopping.

Pokeno is first and foremost a fun, casual game. It is versatile insofar as you can play with as little as two players, and as many as twelve. It is an incredibly easy game to play, so it is a good choice for a family game night - especially if there are young children who would not be able to fully participate in more complex games that require strategic thinking. It is also a fun game to play casually when you have friends over for dinner or to socialize.

If you enjoy both poker and keno, this could be a great addition to your rotation of games you enjoy playing. Especially if you play poker online for the most part, Pokeno is a great way to spend time with friends and family alike in a social way. The elements of gameplay that mirror those of playing bingo are great because unlike bingo, you can play Pokeno at home instead of having to find a live bingo game. If you are unsure as to whether Pokeno is the game for you - just give it a try once! What have you got to lose?

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