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Stickman Leave Prison

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Plays: 76

Category: HTML5 Games, Adventure Games

Launch Date: Jul 01, 2024

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 Stickman Leave Prison Description

Stickman Leave Prison is a free HTML5 Games game that you can play on It has been played 76 times.
The Stickman is eager to break free from the confines of the prison! There are a pair of them, one in orange and the other in blue. Engage in this thrilling running and jumping game, taking charge of both characters, and conquer all the challenging platform-adventure courses. The ultimate reward for your efforts is freedom!

Make your way to the two doors located at the conclusion of each level. One door is designated for the Blue stickman, while the other is for the Orange stickman. Remember, each door requires a specific key for access. Failure to obtain the keys will hinder your progress. Retrieve both keys within the course, and if you overlook them, backtrack immediately, or else you will be unable to proceed!

Control the stickmen using the WASD keys to navigate and leap. Leap over obstacles such as crates, and be cautious not to plummet into pits or onto spikes. In the unfortunate event of a mishap resulting in death, you must restart the level, regardless of which stickman was involved. To switch between the two characters, simply press the C key.

Dodge the vigilant guards and make your escape from the prison! Utilize moving platforms that ascend and descend or move horizontally to traverse the treacherous pits. Stay alert for the presence of law enforcement! If you spot police officers, wait for their flashlight to turn away before leaping past their post.

For those interested in acquiring new skins for the stickmen, be sure to collect dollar bills scattered throughout the courses. The more bills you gather, the greater the variety of skins available. With fifteen levels to conquer, each presenting a unique and increasingly challenging course, achieving a successful prison break is within reach. Make this dream a reality by completing all levels! If you enjoyed this game and want to play similar friv games, just go to the HTML5 Games, Adventure Games page.

 Stickman Leave Prison Instructions:

To move and leap, use WASD. Click and hold on the screen to navigate and leap.

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