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1. Why I can’t play the games?
Answer: You should install the “Adobe Flash Player” plugin to play the Flash Games. You can download the Adobe Flash Player plugin here security:

2. How to play unity3D games?
Answer: You should install the unity3D plugin named “unity webplayer” to play the unity3D games. We marked the unity3D games with unity3D. You can download the unity webplayer plugin here security:
IMPORTANT: Unity3D Games published on “WebPlayer” were blocked by Chrome since 16.04.

3. I have installed the unity webplayer,why I still can’t play the unity3D games?
Answer: You should startup the “TermService” service. Follow the following step to startup it: RUN –> services.msc, then startup the “TermService” service (Remote Desktop Services).

4. How to play webGL games?
Answer: We recommend you to install Firefox to play webGL games. We marked the webGL games with webGL. You can download the Firefox web browser here seuciryt:

5. What is HTML5 Games?
HTML5 games are cross-platform games, which means you can play html5 games on any device ( pc, mobile phone or tablet ) you like. We marked the HTML5 games with HTML5.